Top 3 Belly Fat Burning Supplements for Women

Belly fat or visceral fat is of huge concern for both men and women. However, this is more of a sign of aging or menopause in women, and even obese women of all ages suffer from this issue. Though there may be different types of weight loss programs and diet plans, most offer great results during the first few weeks, after which everything comes to almost a stop as the stubborn visceral fat refuses to go away.

What is Visceral Fat or Belly Fat?

Visceral fat is the type of fat that is found around the abdominal area, which is more due to the fat around your internal organs such as liver and abdomen. Thus, most workouts offer results initially when fat under the skin layer is shed, but stop when it comes to the fat layer around the organs. However, this issue has been addressed by the modern fitness and health industry with the usage of various supplements like carnitine, green coffee bean extract, raspberry ketone, and more.

At times, with aging, you tend to put on weight due to lower body metabolism, which results in accumulation of excess fat. Of course, this problem can be eliminated with dynamic activities and a healthy lifestyle, complemented with the intake of appropriate fat burning supplements.

Harmful Effects of Belly Fat:

Wrong food habits (sugar rich food) and a lifestyle devoid of any dynamic activities greatly contributes to accumulation of fat around the belly and internal organs. Over a period of time, this starts having a huge impact on your health as disease like blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, liver problems, and more may crop up.

 Top 3 Belly Fat Burning Supplements for Women:

Though there are various supplements that have appeared in the market claiming to be the best for weight loss, muscle building etc, some of the main supplements that help women to loose their belly fat include: Green coffee bean extract, Carnitine and Raspberry Ketone.

Green Coffee Bean Extract:

Derived from unroasted and raw coffee seeds, it contains an essential acid called chlorogenic acid, which images1offers remarkable benefits for weight loss regimen, apart from improving metabolism, energy levels, mental focus, and more. Chlorogenic acid is clinically proven to inhibit glucose-6-phosphate, which is an enzyme that is responsible for the formation of glucose in your liver. When this is blocked with an increase in metabolism, it contributes to the reduction of fat accumulation around your belly, thus encouraging weight loss. It also prevents diabetes and glycemic problems.

In addition to this, the chlorogenic acid found in green coffee bean extract also offers anti-obesity results. It brings down the rate of absorption of your dietary fat, including the visceral belly fat and subcutaneous fat.

The best green coffee bean extract supplements available in today’s market contain about 50% of chlorogenic acid as their key ingredient to offer the best fat loss results.


L-Carnitine or Carnitine is an amino acid, which greatly contributes to your body’s metabolism and hence, is a commonly ingredient in many weight loss supplements. It plays a key role in transporting your fatty acids to the powerful mitochondria, which is an energy generator in your cells. Carnitine also helps in transporting metabolic waste or toxins out of mitochondria.

Since it helps you to have more energy during your workouts without being fatigued, you tend to burn out more fat.

Raspberry Ketone:

res1Raspberry ketone is the natural aromatic compound found in red raspberries and few other berries. However, majority of these supplements are derived only from the red raspberries. This works by increasing your metabolism, improving muscle recovery, enhancing muscle strength, increasing your mental focus and energy levels, and also by satiating your hunger and lowering your appetite. All these enable you to enjoy high performance during your workouts to burn out the accumulated fat around your belly and other areas.

The other key ingredient found in raspberry ketone is adiponectin, which is the natural fat burning hormone found in your body. When adiponectin is not produced properly, you tend to store fat in your thighs, belly, hips, and other areas. Raspberry ketone supplements help you to regularize this hormone secretion, thus helping you to burn out your excess fat deposits. Adiponectin also helps you to prevent high blood pressure, atherogenesis, etc.

Exercise and Diet:

Apart from the intake of beneficial supplements such as raspberry ketone, carnitine, or green coffee bean extract, it is extremely essential for you to complement them with a good diet and a regular exercise program to increase your body’s metabolism and burn out your excess fat speedily. Since these supplements boost your metabolism, you can work out for a longer period or get involved in intensive physical activities to burn out your stored fats. So, consult your health practitioner to decide on the right dosage of these supplements, and stick to a regular exercise schedule, as well as good diet plan with limited fat and sugar contents to enjoy faster results in your belly fat loss regimen.


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